Pressure Cure Grain Drying System

Pressure Cure Drying System

The Pressure Cure® Drying System was developed by Custom Marketing Company, KEHO's distributor in the United States. The Pressure Cure Drying System allows harvesting of crops at high moisture (for example, wheat at 26% and corn at 28%) and drying down to optimal moisture.

The Pressure Cure® Dry System works with KEHO Air Pumps and the No-Fines Curing Platform in conjunction with the Opi-One Grain Temperature Monitor. A key to the success of the Pressure Cure® Dry System is Custom Marketing Company's expertise in supplying and installing the proper equipment, combined with their tremendous follow-up service program.

Pressure Curing® requires a minimum of 1.75 CFM per bushel with a normal range of 1.75 - 2.50 CFM per bushel.

Preserve grain quality
Retain test weight
Eliminate harvest bottlenecks
Save on drying cost
Save on storage cost
Unlock profit potential
Reduce shrink
Eliminate gas and stirrators

Combine more acres/day
Unload trucks more quickly, fill bins faster
Relax, enjoy harvest
Eliminate batch/continuous flow dryers

Pressure Curing®:
The system you want.
The benefits you need.

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